Terms & Conditions

“PhotoCatch” refers to a product provided by EOS Innovations LLC, and any uses of “PhotoCatch” on this page refer to EOS Innovations LLC.

By downloading, using, or purchasing PhotoCatch, you agree to the following terms and conditions. PhotoCatch runs on and requires the use of beta software provided by Apple Inc. PhotoCatch is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any damages caused by using PhotoCatch or any other beta software. You agree that PhotoCatch is not liable for data loss, damage to property, security breaches, or any other damages or liabilities as a result of using, downloading, or purchasing PhotoCatch or other beta software. Apple Inc is in no way, shape, or form involved in PhotoCatch. You agree that PhotoCatch cannot provide refunds or exchanges in the event that PhotoCatch does not launch or function properly. All sales are final.

All PhotoCatch ​Cloud sales are final. All PhotoCatch Cloud models are provided as-is based on the quality of your supplied images, and PhotoCatch cannot provide refunds if you are not satisfied with your model. Under standard operating circumstances, you will receive your model within 24 hours of receipt of payment. However, if PhotoCatch cloud experiences heavy usage, you understand that there may be extra processing time and PhotoCatch is not responsible for any delays. 


All files, content, and models created with PhotoCatch are licensed for personal use only. Contact us at photocatchapp@gmail.com to learn about commercial use. Learn more about the license at photocatch.app/licensing

Privacy Policy

Data PhotoCatch collects

  • Your email address

  • Information about your purchases

  • Files uploaded to PhotoCatch Cloud

What PhotoCatch does with your data

  • Allow you to log in to the app

  • Store a history of your purchases

  • Contact you via email

  • Create your PhotoCatch Cloud models

Whom PhotoCatch shares your data with

  • When you make a purchase, you provide your data directly to Gumroad Inc. This data is subject to Gumroad Inc’s own seperate privacy policy and PhotoCatch cannot control any such data.

  • PhotoCatch stores your data on servers provided by Google Inc. While PhotoCatch will not directly share your information with third-parties without your consent or where not required by law, PhotoCatch cannot guarantee the complete security or privacy of your data.

Contact PhotoCatch

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