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PhotoCatch brings 3D scanning to everyone with Apple Object Capture technology


(HOUSTON, TX) – June 2021.  Award-winning developer Ethan Saadia launched PhotoCatch, a platform that makes it simple to create realistic 3D models of objects in just one click. To scan an object, take a video or several photos of it, import them into PhotoCatch, and click “Create Model.” In only a few minutes, PhotoCatch will output an accurate 3D scan ready for virtual and augmented reality, video game creation, animation, and more. 


After just two weeks, PhotoCatch has been downloaded thousands of times in more than 50 countries, and we love seeing the incredible scans our users create. From 3D food photography to detailed captures of a motorcycle to recreating entire buildings, PhotoCatch users have already tested applications in e-commerce, engineering, education, retail, and more.


With USDZ export built in, PhotoCatch scans are ready for augmented reality in AR Quick Look or custom applications made by developers and content creators.

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The first app for Object Capture


Launched just three days after the Apple WWDC Keynote, PhotoCatch is the first app designed for Apple’s new Object Capture photogrammetry technology. Photogrammetry is a computer vision technique that stitches 2D images together into a seamless 3D model, and PhotoCatch makes it possible for anyone to leverage this technology without writing a single line of code.

Create 3D models with just a single video


To make 3D scanning even easier to use, PhotoCatch launched Video Import. Users can simply take a video while moving around an object, and PhotoCatch automatically extracts the embedded images. Video Import drastically reduces the time to create scans and lowers the barrier for new users to get started with Object Capture.

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Use PhotoCatch anywhere with PhotoCatch Cloud


PhotoCatch requires no specialized hardware and runs quickly on the base model MacBook Air, making photogrammetry accessible to small businesses, students, and consumers. We wanted to take a step further and bring PhotoCatch to everyone, regardless of what hardware you own. That’s why we launched PhotoCatch Cloud, an online service enables users to upload their own photos or video from any device and receive a 3D model within 24 hours. PhotoCatch Cloud customers have already used the service to scan objects so online shoppers can preview products in augmented reality and to recreate structural parts from drone footage for engineering design and repair.


Share your PhotoCatch creations directly to Sketchfab


PhotoCatch integrates directly with Sketchfab, an online platform for sharing 3D content, so creators can share PhotoCatch scans with the world without ever leaving the app. After connecting your Sketchfab account to PhotoCatch, publishing is just a couple clicks away. We curate our favorite scans in our Made with PhotoCatch collection on Sketchfab.